Rana Malik spent her formative years travelling continents. From a young age, Malik began exploring tools and investigating composition. Her interest in design piqued at Ryerson University where she completed her Bachelor’s degree in Interior Design, focusing on Architectural Skins. Upon graduation, Malik attended Cranbrook Academy of Art where she completed her Master’s degree in Architecture, using a series of installations that aimed to incite change in social architecture. Malik’s studio practice techniques focus heavily on narrative, material study and fabrication by using a sliding scale that grows from object to site. Using ephemeral and phenomenological degrees that exist within layers of architecture as liminal skins, her studio practice studies human movement as it translates to surface, as well as the ways in which interaction modifies the use of a space. She is concerned with the event of a place, the anatomy of a space and the extension of a building.


Phone: 416 875 6669
Email: hellopgc@gmail.com


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