Trace and Oscillate

Same but different topographies and internal configurations that produce vastly different forms. Shell to structure, skin to bone; these volumes hold haptic relationships with the space around them as well as to the bare touch. An ecosystem of parts, the viewer does not see the internal structure, but only what the structure is doing. These fragments of nature are temporal at their core, time is a part of their assembly. Systems of erosion track and trace the movement of elements around these objects and so they tell a story. These micro movements build cavities of tension that mimic cavities of the body, creating familiar voids and crevices, multiple intersections and sinews of skin to space. I am interested in the moment where stillness is broken, amplifying the oscillation and indirect movement of the surface of materiality. Adjoining facets and nesting objects fill vacancies that are normally not occupied; corners, turns and curves. Groups of multiples that are able to reach their saturation point through simple boundaries and fullness of capacity. I liken these movements to social structures. Groups of bodies in familiar instances flitting from cluster to cluster.